Beam Smart Toothbrush with Free App - Childrens

Beam Smart Toothbrush with Free App - Childrens

Whether youre running iOS or Android, the Beam Brush can adapt ...

Modern technology has provide us with the ability to be more effective with the way we maintain and organize our way of life, including the control over our health and wellness. Plenty of applications and software programs are offered to help count calories, develop exercise programs. Dental hygiene is definitely an essential section of our every day habit and get this, there’s now a toothbrush application for that too!

A clear bill of health care from your dentist isn't the only reward you’ll get with this Beam ToothBrush with Oral Health App for iOS . Monitoring your brushing routines and behaviors through the toothbrush’s application can get you real rewards and specific analysis.
There’s plenty of benefits over a typical toothbrush. Are you aware how frequently you need to replace your brush? Absolutely not, neither do most other people! The beambrush lets you know automatically.The added benefit for us parents is that the application will advise you whenever they have brushed or not and precisely how long for.

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