Beam Toothbrush Replacement Brush Head - Adult

Keep up the good work ...

Unfortunately as with a 'normal' Toothbrush the brushes life is going to come to an end. Sad we know. But fear not as we supply replacement Brush Heads at minimum cost to support the life of your Smart Brush.

The Beam Brush Replacement Head is a high quality, soft nylon bristled head aimed at providing a state of the art cleaning experience.  The Replacement Head snaps securely over the neck of the Beam Brush and takes just seconds to change.  

The head size has been optimized to allow you to access all 4 quadrants comfortably.  Beam recommends changing the head every 90 days to ensure best performance.  Use Beam's Auto-Refill feature to get a replacement head sent automatically when it is time to change the head.


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