Adults Graphic Equalizer Flashing T-Shirt

Fun and eye catching this unique 100% cotton T-shirt is sure to be a crowd pleaser. The light up equalizer panel is sound sensitive so when the music gets cranking the red and yellow equalizer bars will light up to the beat of the music. A novel idea for music festivals, gigs, concerts, raves, clubbing, or parties, so grab your glow sticks and you are ready to go get some attention because people are going to notice you in this flashing T-shirt. 

The light up feature on this 100% cotton T-Shirt is operated by a super thin and flexible, Electro Luminescence or EL panel with a built in battery pack designed to discretely hide in a pocket on the inside of the shirt. The four AAA batteries will give you approximately 30-40 hours of flashing operation before requiring replacement so go ahead and get your party started because this shirt is gonna stay lit up for hours on end.

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