Doctor Who Polo Shirt - Dalek in Black

When you search on "Doctor Who polo," the results are depressing. Because what comes up is the sad tale of Marco Polo, a First Doctor story arc, which has been lost to time. Seven episodes. Two hours, 51 minutes, 44 seconds. And not a single second of broadcast footage remains. The audio track is complete, and several diligent fan groups have put together recreations using photographs along with the audio. It was broadcast by studios in 23 countries, all of whom followed the directions and returned the film to the BBC once aired. Which is too bad. This is one time when finding an overdue library book would be a good thing. 

For more on the how and why of the missing episodes (108 of them in all), visit Wikipedia. But come back, then, cause this is a good shirt. We aim to fix that. Not make Marco Polo exist again, but at least make it so that when you search on "Doctor Who polo" you'll get this result instead of getting the Marco Polo story and being all bummed out. Just don't scroll. We're just one company with one product here. We can only do so much.

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