Breaking Bad Heisenberg Sketch 18-Inch Plush Pillow

Breaking Bad Heisenberg Sketch 18-Inch Plush Pillow

After a long day of cooking that iconic Blue Ice and killing off his competitors and enemies, Heisenberg would have certainly benefited from a stylish plush pillow to lay his head and relax. Fortunately, with the Breaking Bad Heisenberg Sketch 18-inch Plush Pillow, you can always have a place to rest and scheme up your own Heisenberg-quality plans.

From those iconic moments throughout the Breaking Bad series that captivated and thrilled millions of fans across the world, one of the most thrilling moments came when Walter White formally transformed into the infamous Heisenberg. With this Heisenberg Sketch Plush Pillow, you can replay this transformation as represented by the Heisenberg Sketch featuring his iconic sunglasses and his fedora hat. 

This haunting black and white depicting of the clandestine pseudonym for Walter White stands as the ideal gift for the Breaking Bad fans in your life. Furthermore, the Breaking Bad Heisenberg Sketch 18-inch Plush Pillow includes ultra-soft plush material that encourages quality sleep and comfort. Whether you have it on your bed, on the couch, or part of a complete Breaking Bad collection, this plush pillow is a classic piece of television memorabilia that is sure to impress for years to come. 

Only a limited supply of these plush pillows remain, and you wouldn’t want to upset Heisenberg by avoiding such a classic collector’s item. Would you?


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