iCade Mobile for iPhone & iPod Touch

Sure… you love the sleek design of a touchscreen. But let’s be honest: they aren’t always the best when it comes to gaming. That’s why the iCade Mobile for iPhone and iPod Touch was invented. It’s for gamers like you who want to get closer than ever to their favourite games. It transforms your device into a real controller, complete with buttons and d-pad, so you have a more intuitive gaming experience. It’s ideal for old school games you know and love, including PacMan and hundreds of others you can download right from your iPhone or iPod Touch device. 

The iCade is designed to fit around your device with buttons on each side, so you can have a clear view of the screen as you play. It also fits securely and the buttons are ultra-durable, so you can mash, slam, and press to your heart’s content without worrying about stressing out the device. What’s even better: it has an ergonomic design that keeps your comfy and content, even during long zoned out gaming sessions. 


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