USB Arcade Style Joystick for MAME and PC Games

It really doesn’t matter what sorts of new technology they come up with. The classic arcade games will always be the greatest, and this USB arcade style joystick for MAME and PC games is designed for those who get it. You’ll experience that same old feeling of having a joystick in your hand, only now you can enjoy all those classic games using the latest technology. This joystick is designed to have the same feel and look as the joysticks used with the original arcade games, with the same controls you know and love (0 Fire/Action Buttons; Direct X Force Feedback Compatible; Turbo Fire; Plug in and Play Gaming Series).

Use this joystick with MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator), an application developed to bring classic gaming hardware to modern gaming systems and software. That means you aren’t just playing a PC version of your favourite games of the past… you’re playing the real deal with the same feel. The goal is to preserve gaming history by keeping the classic games alive and appreciated by new generations of gamers. You can be a part with this USB arcade style joystick for MAME and PC games. Play alone and enjoy a blast from the past, or introduce your own little ones to the way you used to play as a kid.


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