Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scale

Let’s face it. Losing weight and getting fit is never easy. And those weekly (daily) weight ins? Nothing could be more horrifying, especially if you’ve had an off week. Luckily, there’s the Fitbit Aria WiFi smart scale to the rescue. This is NOT your grandma’s bathroom scale. It allows you to track your weight and BMI level over time, so it’s easier to see your overall progress, instead of focusing on just one number.

You’ll see an easy to read graph which shows you how far you’ve come, so you cans top focusing only on how far you have to go. And that teeny bit you gained since last month will finally be put into perspective. Better yet, this scale focuses more on just your weight. We all know that there is more to overall health than just how much you weigh.

The Fitbit Aria WiFi smart scale also keeps track of how much fat you’re carrying, as well as how much lean mass your body has. These are much better indicator of how healthy and fit you are than weight alone (in fact, did you know that muscle weighs more than fat?) 

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