Withings WiFi Body Scale Monitor

Withings WiFi Body Scale Monitor

The web dashboard offers a rich graphical interface with easy browsing over time and allows you to zoom in on the date ranges of your choice. You therefore take pleasure in observing the evolution of your fitness in a simple, intuitive environment.

Click on the label of a weigh-in to accurately see your weight, your fat mass, and your lean mass. Then the screen displays your body mass index (BMI) and situates your data in relation to the healthy reference ranges set to your profile.
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Each time you weigh yourself - Everyday the WiFi scale measures your lean and fat mass automatically. This allows you to concentrate on the origins of your weight variations.

Precise, personalized data - The WiFi scale is extremely accurate. It is normal that the web dashboard takes into account this precision and reliably reproduces your data.

For the whole family - The WiFi scale is for the entire family, and the dashboard lets you manage up to 8 users. You can monitor your children's growth directly in your interface so you can keep an eye on their health over time. It's clever design can automatically recognise different users.

Sports program - Create your own sports programme with any of the many Withings partners and monitor its effectiveness. Discover a range of compatible services
A high-tech tool

Mobile - Consult your graphs on your iPhone with WiScale, the free Withings app.

Instant results - Your weight is measured immediately. No need to calibrate or turn on the Withings scale.

Healthcare partner / For your specialists - Your coach or nutritionist can monitor your progress directly on their computers.

For your medical records - Add your measurements directly to your medical records online.

For your doctor - Generate and print graphs showing your growth, weight, height and BMI for your medical records.

An included free service links your scale to the internet. The web dashboard is the extension of your WiFi scale.

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