Airzooka Air Gun

You've heard of air guitar and air kisses; well now prepare yourself for the astonishingly entertaining Airzooka. Physics really isn't our strong point, but for some unfathomable scientific reason this amazing fun gun is capable of blasting a 'ball' of air at unsuspecting victims up to 20 ft away! No, we don't really understand how either, but believe us, Airzooka is a total blast. 

All you have to do is pull back the elasticated rear section and release it catapult-style. Airzooka then propels a powerful pocket of air straight at your intended target. It's a bit like having an invisible pair of mega-powerful bellows. With its walloping phantom blasts, Airzooka is ideal for convincing workmates there's a poltergeist in town, or simply confusing them to the point of insanity. They really won't know what's hit them!


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