Doctor Who Dalek Christmas Ornament

Doctor Who Dalek Christmas Ornament

Bring Doctor Who and the Red Dalek Drone home for Christmas! What better way to celebrate your love of the hit series, Doctor Who, then to invite his arch enemy into your home! Not only that, the Dalek is quite festive with jolly red color and silver to highlight those knobs and buttons. Since 2005, Doctor Who has gained quite a following from people all around the world. If you know someone who is a die-hard Doctor Who fan, you can count on them loving the Doctor Who Red Dalek Drone ornament. The red Dalek Drone also makes for a great collectors piece.

The Doctor Who Red Dalek stands at approximately 5 inches tall and is the perfect addition to add to your Christmas tree. Because of the super-sweet look of the Red Dalek Drone, it can be used as part of your everyday décor, year round. Whether you choose to hang it from your ceiling fan, car rear-view mirror, or anywhere you see fit, you won’t go wrong. Be sure to get your Doctor Who Red Dalek Drone while the supplies last! They seem to be vanishing out of thin air! 


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