Doctor Who Tardis Tin Lunch Box

Go old school and eat your lunch in style with this authentic Doctor Who Tardis Lunch Box. This metal lunchbox is just like the ones you rember from grade school, complete with a metal latch and plastic handle to carry all of your favorite tasty treats. The award winning Doctor Who show takes you on countless adventures with ”the Doctor” and his companions as they travel through time and space using the Tardis (TARDIS stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space). You can not go wrong when choosing to purchase memorabilia from the worlds longest running sci-fi TV series plus you never know when the Tardis might just take you along for an unexpected lunchtime adventure of your very own. 

Great gift idea for Doctor Who fans young and old, the lunchbox is designed to look just like the Tardis and also features the Doctor Who Logo down both of the outside panels. You will be surprised how much good stuff you can fit in the generous sized container. The limited edition collectors item looks just like the 50’s style wooden police phone booth used on the show with police public call box sign and all. 


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