Marvel Heroes Ice Cube Tray

Marvel Heroes Ice Cube Tray

This innovative Marvel Heroes Ice Cube Tray is what budding superheroes of today have been waiting for! It can make frozen liquids (such as water or fruit juices) in four fun character shapes, and being made of rubber instead of the traditional plastic, it’s not going to crack, break or become unusable and is just about as tough as the Marvel Comic Characters it features! 

Whoever your childs favourite Marvel creation is, we’re sure to have you covered with 2 Iron Man’s helmets, 2 Captain America shields, 2 Hulks big old fists and 2 Thing’s face, from the Fantastic Four - and with two of each, there’s no need for arguments over who gets what at Birthday parties and celebrations. 

Coming in a boys favourite colour, blue, this nifty design will make 8 ice-cubes at a time. The cubes are highly detailed, with the characters features being enhanced on each cube. This Marvel Heroes Ice Cube Tray is not for use within a dishwasher and will show signs of wear or damage if not washed by hand. 


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