Alarmio Portable Cable Gadget Lock Alarm with Motion Sensor

Alarmio Portable Cable Gadget Lock Alarm with Motion Sensor

Alarmio is a versatile, motion sensitive, personal cable lock

With a two foot long steel cable which are adjustable and that be attached or loop to your valuable belongings or anything else you carry. Are you worried about your valuables being stolen? such as your laptop, camera, iPhone or iPad while you are in busy places full of people and strangers? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore! Here is the latest security gadget, introducing the Alarmio Portable Cable Gadget Lock Alarm with Motion Sensor. This new gadget on the market will become the guard to your valuables whilst your busy or distracted. 

There's an endless amount of applications for the device. Use it anywhere and anytime while your in biking, travelling, on your daily commute, in a restaurant, on the beach, at a festival, and many other scenarios or just simply in your home.  
Two levels of motion alarms which you can activate as you lock your item:
  • It gives a warning chirp sound when it detects your thing to have a first sign of movement from its place. 
  • If the movement of your item continues or someone tries to cut the cable lock, the 100-decibel loud alarm sounds will be activated that continues for 45 seconds; this alarming sound is enough to scare off the would-be thief or attract the attention of people around it, and you.


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