FREEKey - Key Ring System

Save yourself frustration, hassle, and broken fingernails by giving FREEKey a try!! This all in one key ring makes it easy to add or remove keys as needed without having to struggle with a cumbersome and awkward traditional key ring. The FreeKey system is simple and allows you to separate and group keys for added convenience. You will never mix up your home keys, office keys, or car keys again because the FREEKey will allow you to group keys and still keep them easily accessible on the master ring. 
Crafted from high quality metal and designed in Switzerland the FREEKey system is durable as well as practical. The key to the system (no pun intended) is the strategically placed raised bump in the ring loop that essentially creates a pivot allowing the end of the ring to lift up making it much easier to add or remove keys when needed. Also included in the FREEKey system are three ring separators that will allow you to group similar keys together for easy access. With FREEKey you can bundle work keys, home keys, and spare keys separately making it easy to give only the necessary keys to a valet, pet sitter, or housekeeper when needed without the frustration of working all the keys around to get to the one(s) you need off of the loop.


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