MK3 Radiator Efficiency Booster

When the temperatures go down, your thermostat goes up costing you big bucks! If you are tired of paying outrageous heating bills then you need to give the MK3 Radiator Efficiency Booster a try, it will help you maximize the efficiency of your radiator by up to 50% instantly saving you money on your outrageous heating bill! 

This sleek little, eco-friendly device was approved by Which? Magazine in April 2011 and it costs just under 30p per year to operate, meaning it will pay for itself in no time at all. The patented, light weight MK3 Radiator Booster simply plugs in and sits atop your radiator. When your radiator unit warms up above 30 degrees Celsius, the quietly efficient fan will automatically kick on, pulling the lost heat from behind the radiator and evenly circulate it throughout the room. Regular use of the Radiator Booster can enable you to turn down your thermostat by up to 3 degrees by saving heat that would normally be lost behind the radiator, giving you an average savings of about £140 a year. (Energy Saving Trust, 2009).
The contemporary design of the rigid recyclable polypropylene casing houses a Venturi air intake with a quiet fan for efficient heat distribution. The side of the unit features a multi color LED indicator light. A red light will tell you when the unit is on, a solid green light will indicate if the radiator is warm enough for the unit to begin working, and a flashing green light will indicate when the radiator is cooling down, taking the guess work out of knowing when the Radiator Booster is working.


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