One Handed Plunger Pepper Grinder

One Handed Plunger Pepper Grinder

At first, we imagined writing about this like an As Seen on TV commercial. Black and white footage of someone trying to hold a plate and put pepper on it at the same time. OH NOES! They drop the plate! Doesn't this happen to you ALL THE TIME? Then we realized that there's a much better reason to have a One Handed Pepper Grinder: it takes up minimal space so you can have grinders for all types of peppercorns, making you ready to season all types of foods at a moment's notice. Black Peppercorns are your standard, good for pretty much any food. White peppercorns are more ripened and have the black shell removed. They're rich and almost wine-y and are beautiful for light-colored dishes like poultry or soup. Green peppercorns are harvested early. 

Their young and fresh flavor pairs well with seafood and vegetables. Szechaun peppercorns, once illegal in the US, are back with their spicy/numbing/amazing flavor. And finally, pink peppercorns, which are really not peppercorns at all, but the dried berry of the peppertree. They are made for yumming up poultry and fish, and can be mixed with real peppercorns too! So right there, we're gonna need five of these pepper grinders, one for each kind of peppercorn. Unscrew the bottom, pour in the peppercorns, close it up, and it's ready to grind with the press of a springy button. The small footprint -- just 1" across -- means you really can fit five of them in your pantry in the space of two normal-sized pepper grinders. Get seasoning, geeks!


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