Pet Water Bottle with Roller Ball

Walk? Walk? We're gonna walk? Yes, I want to walk. Yes! YES! How many times do I have to say this? Do you need me to dance? Ooooh, ooh, the leash. Yes, you need to attach yourself to the leash before we can go. It's okay. I know you'd get lost without me. I don't mind leading you around. I know where all the good smells are. Yarrrr, let's not walk by the water though, there be pirates. I wouldn't want them to make you walk the plank... after all, you're attached to my leash! 

If you have a jolly dog eager to walk the plank around the neighborhood or through the woods, be sure to keep them hydrated. Why spill your own water all over the place when your pup can have their own bottle? This stainless steel bottle features pirate pups and holds 24 ounces of water. Pop the cap and invert it and when your dog licks the rollerball, the water will release. A handy clip lets you hang it from belt, bike or bag.


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