Star Wars Darth Vader Corkscrew

Star Wars Darth Vader Corkscrew

The Star Wars Darth Vader Corkscrew is a fabulous piece for your collection; it’s fun, it’s practical and it’s full of personality. Darth Vader will open or close your corked bottles without much ‘force’! He will watch over your liquor, and look great whilst doing so as he stands at an impressive 7 ¾ inches tall. 

A Darth Vader 3D figure is molded onto the corkscrews grip, all you have to do is place Mr Vader over the bottles cork, twist his torso and with each twist loosening the cork a little bit more, you can have your bottle uncorked in no time - and without the difficulties and annoyances found with many traditional cork screws. Once the cork is loosened then you simply pull the cork off! Simple, quick and quirky! 

Recommended for ages 18 and over, this must have Star Wars collective piece will make a fun and unique gift for any occasion. He’s just waiting to stand proud in your kitchen and help to make the unscrewing of corked bottles that little easier, you have the ‘force with you’ when you take home the Star Wars Darth Vader Corkscrew. 


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