TentFinder Remote Control LED Tent Finder

TentFinder Remote Control LED Tent Finder

Ah. Camping. It’s a favourite pastime during warm spring nights and lazy summer evenings. But let’s face it, today’s campers are usually far from the wilderness, opting instead for campsites with the perfect combination of outdoor fun, barbecues, swimming, and warm showers! Unfortunately, when it’s time to get back from all those activities as the sun goes down, it’s not always easy to find your tent amongst the sea of others who had the same idea for summer fun. 

Stop playing “hide the tent” thanks to this TentFinger remote control LED tent finder. Just place the light in your tent and carry the remote control with you during your activities. When you head back and need a little help finding your tent, just press the button and follow the light! No more wandering in the dark, poking your head into the wrong tent…and you’ll even make it back in time for marshmallows around the fire! 


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