Smart Phone Operated Smart Safe for iOS and Android

Smart Phone Operated Smart Safe for iOS and Android

The new range of SmartSafes will have you feeling just like a desktop James Bond. To pair your phone and safe simply choose your unique 4 digit code via the included free app. Your safe is now paired to that phone using that code. The code can be changed as desired using the app, available free of charge from Apple and Android’s App Stores.

Inside each safe is ample space to store precious desktop belongings. Pop your items in there, shut the door and the safe is locked. When you want to access your belongings simply slot your smartphone into the safe’s phone panel, enter your unique code and a clever high tech sensor will verify the code - then you’re in. On opening the Tardis version of theSmartSafeTardis kicks into action with flashing lights and Tardis sound-effects. R2D2 celebrates your access by lighting-up and uttering his signature sound effects.


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