Berlin Boombox for iPhone, iPod or MP3 Player

Berlin Boombox for iPhone, iPod or MP3 Player

The 80's sadly are no longer but there are still many people who would want to see the iconic boombox make a comeback, right?

The Berlin Boombox for iPhone, iPod or MP3 Player allows you to rock it old-school style by combining today's technology, cardboard, and 80's stylishness. iPhones and iPods are excellent with regards to always having vast music available however they have one main disadvantage, regardless of how hard you attempt, there is no way to act out the famous John Cusack scene from “Say Anything” with a tiny, little audio player.

Having difficulties to find an inexpensive and retro looking stereo to re-live yester-year with your existing digital devices, German designer Axel Pdaener come up with a better solution. By only using recycled cardboard boxes, with all the important parts you would find in a typical boombox, this Do It yourself Boombox is fantastic for anybody who likes a hands-on solution to their tunes. In stunning white and black this ‘boombox’ appears the part straight out of the box, however with it's Monotone Colour Selection it is also open for modification.
Flat packed, the Berlin Boombox couldn't become anymore lighter or portable
With all of the pieces pre-cut, and with each and every section secure and durable, just stick to the simple guidelines and you’ll be moving up the jams very quickly. 
Furthermore, due to the fact that it uses a 3.5mm audio input, this retro boombox will work with just about any music device you wish to jack up to it.
Pump up the Jam!


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