DynamoGo Powered R/C Cars

Remote controlled cars are some of my kid’s favorite toys. They like to race around with friends using their different RC toy cars. The fun only lasts until the battery of the toy cars run out. It is either I supply a good amount of reserve batteries beforehand or they move on to other things when the power or juice runs out. The wait and the cost make some kids get easily bored with playing with their RC toys. This new DynamoGo Powered RC Cars aim to change that.
The DynamoGo Powered RC Cars may look like any other remote controlled toy cars. But it has a feature that most of them do not-it comes with its very own power generator. Yes, your kids can recharge their RC cars by getting them to use the car’s power generator built into the toy’s remote control. Kids simply pull out the crank on the remote control, turn it around to generate some power and attach the toy vehicle to recharge.


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