Mr. Ghost EMF Detector For iPhone

Mr. Ghost EMF Detector For iPhone

We admit it. Ghost Adventures (aka Bros vs. Ghosts) is a guilty pleasure of ours. When we're not watching marathons of How It's Made or Mythbusters, Bros vs. Ghosts is an excellent source of entertainment. There's neat historical tidbits about the buildings they explore. We can break into abandoned buildings vicariously. And we can watch Aaron freak out at the slightest noise and drink every time someone says "dude" or "bro."

Since we ain't afraid of no ghosts are not afraid of any ghosts and would like to have our own ghost adventures, we love Mr. Ghost, the EMF Detector for iPhone. Download the free app, plug Mr. Ghost into your headphone jack, and you're ready to start picking up electromagnetic activity on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.

Don't believe in ghosts? Mr. Ghost is a fun gadget to check the levels of electromagnetic radiation sources in your home or office. See the unseen forces emanating from your TV, video game console, alarm clock, or video camera.



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