Sphero Smart Phone Bluetooth Controlled Robotic Ball

Sphero Smart Phone Bluetooth Controlled Robotic Ball

This isn’t the ball you played with as a kid. The Sphero Smart Phone bluetooth controlled robotic ball is a mind blowing combination of ball… robot…and fun! It’s designed to work right with your smartphone or tablet, and the activities you can engage in are nearly limitless. With each new app you download you’ll discover new worlds of fun as you tilt, shimmy, and turn your phone or tablet and send the ball moving here, there, and everywhere with each movement. 

Sphero works by connecting with your bluetooth device with a range of up to 50 feet, and it’s compatible with iOS products, as well as Android devices, so you can get in on the action no matter which system you prefer. Download dozens of games from your app store and play Drive, Gold, and more. Multiple LED lights also add to the fun by providing dazzling colours throughout with thousands of different combinations, making this ball a light show and gaming system in one. It’s also got speed on its side, as it travels at a rate of up to 3 feet per second! Plus, with so many games to choose from, kids and adults alike can join in the fun. There are one and two player modes, so you can even play together with friends. 


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