Triggertrap Mobile Digitial Camera Dongle V2 for iOS & Android

Triggertrap Mobile Dongle - Trigger your SLR and advanced compact camera using more than 12 different modes. This Innovative new iOS Device will allow your iPhone app to speak to a digital SLR camera, in order to use the 12 triggering modes built into our app. Without the dongle, the iPhone can't speak to the camera, and the camera can't trigger. This dongle is required to connect your camera to your iOS device and helps protect your camera from damage. In addition to the dongle, you need a camera connection cable to match your particular model of SLR, but you can find these in our store so don't worry.

12 different trigger modes: Timelapse; Eased timelapse (Tutorial); Sound sensor; Shock & Vibration sensor; Metal & magnetism sensor; Facial recognition; LE HDR (Tutorial & limitations); LE HDR Timelapse mode; Distance-lapse mode (Tutorial); Motion detection mode; Cable Release mode; Star trail mode; Connect to your camera and off you go.

You can use the Triggertrap Mobile app with the camera built-in to your iPhone, but for extra fun, buy the dongle and hook Triggertrap Mobile up to your SLR camera. More than 270 camera models from a dozen different manufacturers are supported! To use the Triggertrap Mobile App with your camera, you’ll need a connection dongle and a camera connection cable. Cables available include:  

  • CL-CB1 (Olympus)     

  • CL-DC2 (Nikon)     

  • CL-L1 (Panasonic)     

  • CL-S1 (Sony)     

  • CL-UC1 (Olympus)  

  • CL-DC1 (Nikon)     

  • CL-DC0 (Nikon)     

  • CL-E3 (Canon & Others)     

  • CL-N3 (Canon)

Available Options:

Add Cable    


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