WiPry Combo Spectrum Analyser & Dynamic Power Meter for iPad

Gadgets, and gizmo’s galore oh my! Not with the WiPry Combo it combines a Spectrum Analyzer with a Dynamic Power meter for useful two-in-one capability.  Any IT pro, engineer, tech geek, inventor, repairman, or equipment junkie needs to give this new tool a try, why not test drive Wipry’s graphic-rich interface in the App Store today so that you can see for yourself just exactly what makes this the clear choice for the future. 

With the WiPry Combo, the power meter and spectrum analyzer are bundled into one handy accessory for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. The WiPry Combo offers a rich graphic display and intuitive features, combined with the touch screen technology on your iOS device. Using this combo unit you can capture, trigger, and record power output in Rf amplitude and view it in real time. Touch screen functionality makes it simple to zoom in and out of scaling using two finger stretch manipulation, meaning you can say goodbye to those awkward buttons and knobs. The ability to email screenshots right from your device allows you to save, print, or submit your reading for analysis. The WiPry-Combo operates just like an oscilloscope but instead of showing voltage, you will see RF amplitude which makes it the perfect tool for protocol verification and troubleshooting on wireless devices.


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