Dashboard Jesus

Dashboard Jesus

No trip would be complete without the Dashboard Jesus to give you strength and peace throughout your longest journeys. However, even though he may guide you over the valley of gridlock, he alone cannot enable you to get into the carpool lane.

This 4-inch plastic Jesus sits atop a metal spring with the adhesive base that bobbles as you traverse through your spiritual driving journey. The adhesive base of Dashboard Jesus also allows drivers to remove him without leaving a sticky residue on leather dashboard materials. Furthermore, this adhesive material easily re-sticks to other surfaces, giving Dashboard Jesus versatility throughout all your vehicles.

Also, serving as the ideal co-pilot, Dashboard Jesus does not care if you drive a rusted beater or a Ferrari. Instead, he bobbles equally for all drivers. If you do not have a car, you can stick the Dashboard Jesus anywhere you would like a little peace, tranquility, or forgiveness.

The Dashboard Jesus acts as the perfect gift for friends and family, and this specially designed dashboard bobble instantly dictates messages of hope for all your passengers. Be sure to give your dashboard the image of peace, love, and joy with the Dashboard Jesus today!


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