Doctor Who Dalek to Victory 3-Inch Magnet

Doctor Who Dalek to Victory 3-Inch Magnet

Now, you can have your very own, alien Dalek magnet to hang proudly on your fridge. Take it a step further and use it as a car decal to show others, that you support Dalek! This sweet little magnet is sure to be crowd pleaser when you and your friends are gathered around your fridge plotting to take over the world! The Dalek to Victory magnet will make a great gift for any Doctor Who fan and will surely spark up conversations about Dalek and that infamous episode. But be careful, the Dalek is alien technology, and you never know what it is capable of!

If you are a Doctor Who enthusiast, you are likely to remember the episode from season 5, Doctor Who Dalek to Victory. His oldest and greatest enemy was quietly waiting for him below the war-torn rubble streets of London. Upon the Doctor and Amy’s arrival, they met up with Winston Churchill who revealed his prize possession, the Dalek, whose ultimate goal was to win the war! Although Churchill was sure that the Dalek was built by man, Doctor Who knew the truth, that is, that the Dalek was an alien machine that could jeopardize the human race!


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