Doctor Who The TARDIS 3-Inch Magnet

Doctor Who The TARDIS 3-Inch Magnet

Doctor Who knows how to get around in style and now you can get a piece of the action. This stunning TARDIS magnet is sure to be a crowd pleaser when you have guests over to watch reruns of Doctor Who. The electric blue, yellow and orange colors will add a splash of color to your fridge, car or anything you want to stick it to!

Whether you call it the ship, the box or the TARDIS, get ready to travel through space, time and parallel realities with this attractive magnet. No promises that a real-life TARDIS will appear and take you to the end of the universe, but it’s easy to imagine when you see this must-have magnet. The TARDIS was always a faithful companion for the Doctors, and now it can be your faithful companion to display with pride. The TARDIS 3-inch magnet makes a great gift for any Doctor Who fan and it is priced at a very reasonable rate. When you want to conceal your love of Doctor Who (and who would want to do that?) you can proudly display it as a TARDIS, police telephone box.  The TARDIS magnet is a must for any avid Doctor Who fan.



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