Gameboy iPhone 5s Case

Gameboy iPhone 5s Case

Are you looking for a way to make your IPhone 5 stand out? Well, look no further! The GAMEBOY IPhone case is here. Unlike other GAMEBOY phone covers, which are usually vinyl adhesive, this GAMEBOY IPhone case is actually a case that adds extra protection for your phone. The creative minds at iPWN!, have developed and easy snap-on, snap-off case.  

What better way to sport your IPhone than with a GAMEBOY cover? The GAMEBOY cover looks so similar to that unmistakable GAMEBOY that it’s likely you’ll fool your friends! The GAMEBOY IPhone 5/5s case is composed of silicon with helps add extra protection to your phone and prevents scratches, damages and dust. Easily access your volume buttons, silence button, headphone port and charger port. The case has been made with the average IPhone user in mind and allows for easy access to all buttons and ports. The case also allows for easy picture and flash for those moments when you have to take a picture in a hurry! This is the perfect gift for not only GAMEBOY fans, but gamers of all kinds will appreciate the sleek design of the GAMEBOY IPhone 5/5s case. Be sure to get yours today and protect that phone. The last thing we ever want is a GAME OVER!


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