Star Trek Original Series Slogan Glasses 4 Pack

Star Trek Original Series Slogan Glasses 4 Pack

The cast from Star Trek is back and just as you remember! The Star Trek original series slogan four pack glass set should be in every Star Trek fans home. Proudly show off your love of the show when you host your next party. This set of slogan glasses is sure to be a big hit and a great conversation piece. If you want to purchase the set of slogan glasses for a friend or just for yourself, you will be pleased with the fun design and cool slogans.

The Star Trek original series slogan glasses four pack features four of your favorite Star Trek characters along with a famous slogan. The Spock glass features an image of Spock with the slogan, “Seems logical to me Captain.” Captain James T. Kirk offers his two cents with “You would find me a formidable enemy.” Next is an image of Scotty saying, “I’m giving her all she’s got Captain.” And finally, the fourth glass features Dr. McCoy with his slogan, “I’m a Doctor, not an engineer.”  Each glass holds up to 16 ounces of fluid and it is recommended to hand wash only. Supplies are limited so be sure to get your now!


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