Star Wars Blank House Keys - Yoda

Star Wars Blank House Keys - Yoda

One of the most loved characters from Star Wars was of course, Yoda. Yoda always would offer others great words of advice and was a great master to learn from, even in real life. Now, you can bring Yoda home and let his magic unlock your door! The Star Wars blank house key, featuring Yoda is perfect for all Star Wars fans, but more importantly, Yoda fans! Why not add a key to your keychain that gives your keys a little life? Now you won’t have to fumble through tons of keys to find the right one. Simply look for good old Yoda, and avoid the hassle of trying different keys!

One side of the Star Wars Yoda key features Yoda while the other side of the key features Yoda bearing his trusty lightsaber. The colors of electric green and brown make this key easy to spot when placed with your other keys. Once you place your order and receive your cool Yoda key, you can take it to the closest locksmith and have him cut it down to size. 

Just be sure to remember, “When you look at the dark side, careful you must be. For the dark side looks back.” - Yoda


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