Star Wars R2D2 Kitchen Timer

Star Wars R2D2 Kitchen Timer

Add a little spice to your kitchen décor with the Star Wars R2D2 kitchen timer. When you’ve been cooking and baking all day for your friends and family, you want a reliable timer to alert you when your food is ready. That is exactly what R2D2 does! Let R2D2 watch the time while you take care of the other preparations for your party. 

With a simple twist of his head, you can set the timer to your desired time. The Star Wars R2D2 kitchen timer can be set up to sixty minutes and is set to 1 minute intervals. Once the timer goes off, R2D2 will sound an alarm for five seconds. The R2D2 timer is approximately 4 inches by 5 inches by 2 ¼ inches which makes it small enough to store away or big enough to catch the eye of your dinner guests! The Star Wars R2D2 kitchen timer is lined with rubber feet so it won’t scratch your kitchen surfaces.

If you know an avid Star Wars fan who loves to cook, this is just the gift for them! The Star Wars R2D2 kitchen timer also makes a great gift for Star Wars collectors. Be sure to order yours today while the supplies last!


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