The Beatles Abbey Road Reusable Shopping Tote

The Beatles Abbey Road Reusable Shopping Tote

If you love the Beatles and their famous Abbey Road album, you will love the Beatles Abbey Road Reusable Shopping tote! The tote features the fab four, John, George, Paul and Ringo crossing the street and has the Beatles logo on the sides. Take along your books, groceries, or your day of shopping items along with this durable, long lasting tote. It’s made of recycled material and you can do your part to help keep our environment a cleaner place. Even better, this retro tote is waterproof! Impress your friends and stand out in a crowd with a highly recognizable image from the past! Be sure to get yours today!

The Beatles Abbey Road album cover is perhaps one of the most famous album covers in history. If you’re like most Beatles fans, you just can’t get enough of that famous Abbey Road picture. As the story goes, the Beatles had originally planned to take the album photo while flying over Mount Everest. Instead, Paul McCartney thought it would be much easier for them to walk outside the recording studio and take the album cover. The fifth photograph was chosen and the album was named after the very road the picture was taken on, Abbey Road. 


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