The Grinch Light-Up Ball Ornament

The Grinch Light-Up Ball Ornament

When the Christmas season draws near, we often think of things that are heart-warming. This usually consists of good food, hot cocoa, Christmas movies, carolling and the smell of a freshly cut Christmas tree. These are all things that make the holidays so enchanting. Among the top five Christmas movies is the famous Dr. Seuss cartoon about a grumpy, green Grinch and his little dog. His plot was to steal Christmas from the good Who’s, in a little Who town. Luckily, his heart exploded with joy and he ended up celebrating the season with his new friends.

Now you can bring that grumpy Grinch into your home and hang him up on your Christmas tree! The Dr. Seuss The Grinch light-up decoupage ball ornament will not only bring in a sense of Christmas cheer, but will be a favorite of your friends and family when they reminisce over their favorite childhood Christmas show.

The Dr. Seuss Grinch light-up decoupage ball ornament measures 3 inches in diameter and offers the festive colors of green, yellow and a touch of red. It comes equipped with a red, blinking LED light right over the Grinch’s heart. Be sure to place your order before the holiday rush!


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