Unicorn Earrings

Unicorn Earrings

Unicorns have power - magic sparkly power! Their horns can be used to allow eternal darkness to reign in the form of Tim Curry. Their tail hair is oft used in wand cores, and the dust filed from the horn can cure any disease when mixed into a potion. Handy!

So imagine if you had an entire tiny unicorn in your possession. That'd be pretty dang magical, right? But wait. There's more. What if we gave you two tiny magical unicorns for the price of just one (plus shipping)? That's right. You get 2 tiny unicorns... jumping through your ears. It's like your lobe is an oxer and the unicorn is a famous show jumper, and he's all "Neigh! Check me out!" Only TWICE, cause there are two of them. What could be better?


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